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  • On 30/01/2014. Our DVG algorithm for Sleep stages classification was accepted by IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.

  • On October 2013, An R package was improved to implement the fast visibility graph algorithm. It could extract the complex network topologies, such as mean degree, clustering coefficient, and average shortest path from a time series. The details could be read from following paper
  • [1] Guohun Zhu. Complex Networks Analysis based on Single Channel Sleep EEG in Healthy Individuals. Submitted.

    This R package has been implemented an weighted fast horizontal visibility graph as well. You can download it here, which has been sucessful to identify seizure EEG signals.

    The Matlab version can be download from FWHVA Matlab Demo.



  • A GUI tool for Sleep EDF file was devoloped based on Windows MFC, which is read the 2nd channel of EDF file. You can download from here.

  • Single channel sleep scoring is difficult to achive higher accuracy, especially on public sleep EEG datasets. We developed a tool to identify the sleep stages efficiently.
  • A demo code was implemented by C and R for sleep classification with difference visibility graph. You can download from here.
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  • If you have some problems on the downloaded file, please contact email: Guohun dot Zhu at usq dot edu do au