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Fast weighted horizontal visiblity algorithms (FWHVA)

Mapping a time series into a complex networks in linear time
  • References
  • Features
    • Robustness agaist noise
    • Constructing a graph in linear time
    • Extract the mean degree, mean strengths in linear time
    • Applied in classifying the epileptic EEG siganls
  • You can test a short time series as follows

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    Enter your test EEG Data (only one channel, less 500 character). Because everyone can view your upload EEG data, this submission currently ignore the EEG data copy right or ethics issues.

  • If you want to test on long time series, please install the R package as fellows.

    Or the Matlab version can be download from FWHVA Matlab Demo.
    • Download the R software for windows, please access R software
    • Download the R package Windows version FWHVA 1.3.0, or Linux version FWHVA 1.3.0. you can access here download the old FWHVA R package
    • Install the R and FWHVA R package

      Relation functions: FWHVA, HVA, and getHVGAdjMatrix

    • How to use these functions.


      FWHVA(x) #return mean degree , mean strength, degree 2 distribution, and repeat time


      getHVGAdjMatrix(x) # return the degree sequeence and strength sequence


    • Here is a more complex ap plication for detect the chaos signals with FWHVA, PSD, and Sample Entropy get_Figure5.r
    • If you meet some probelms on downloading or runing, please send an email to me Guohun.Zhu at or zhuguohun at with your questions, I will give your feedback as soon as possible.